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“RLL works very well, and integrates seamlessly with our software” – Rich Fernandez "It's just been really nice. We're at about twelve thousand units right now. I think there's a great opportunity to push it into the rest of our portfolio." – Brian Hey "This is just a good way to cover ourselves. We have been very happy with everyone we have worked with...everybody has been great for us." – Hale Cook

The property owner is at risk. Big time.

The lack of a resident property damage liability program creates an enormous and unnecessary risk exposure for property owners/managers. Without a process to transfer the risk of resident-caused property damage, property loss experience and loss ratios will be adversely affected resulting in higher property insurance premiums.

RLL® is like risk-repellent.

If you are a property owner and want to simplify your life, protect your assets and increase operational cash flow, you're on the right site. RLL® protects property owners from accidental residents-caused damage, saving them millions of dollars.

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  • Fire

  • Smoke

  • Explosion

  • Water Discharge

  • Sewer Backup


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