Final Four Steps to a Smooth Claim by Mattie Daines

We’re just about to wrap up our company-wide March Madness bracket challenge, and not to brag or anything (I’m totally bragging), but I’m currently tied for first place. I’m in the running to win it all as long as my final pick stays on top. I know we’re all tired of hearing it, but the past year has not gone according to plan – March Madness included. Sometimes things that aren’t planned out can work out to your advantage, though.

I work closely with our claims and know that large claims for resident-caused damage are not usually something a property owner or manager plans on seeing when they wake up every morning. Much like top-seeded teams losing to less well-known, underestimated teams, these claims can be unexpected and shocking. As an owner or manager, you can take action to make sure these incidents work out in your favor. Here are the Final Four steps to a smooth RLL claim:

1. File the claim on as soon as possible

We request that all claims be filed within 72 hours of the occurrence. The filing process takes a few minutes and is completed through your RLL user account. The faster we can get working on the claim, the faster you’ll have your claim settlement.

2. Take photos of the damage and surrounding areas

Photos are important. They help us determine if we need to send an adjuster to review the damage. Photos can also tell a story of what occurred. For example, we can tell the origin of a fire based on photos. They can also help us know if a cause and origin expert should be sent to the site. They can be excellent evidence.

3. Obtain statements immediately

Statements can make all the difference in determining who was responsible for the claim. Make sure your property personnel and all residents involved give handwritten statements so the adjusters have as much information as possible.

4. Contact our claims team with any questions

We’re here to help. If you ever need any assistance or details on your claim, contact us at or 800.770.9660.

These four steps can help ensure that your claim is closed smoothly and quickly and that you have a great outcome. Wish me luck with my bracket! I’m hoping for a good conclusion to an unexpectedly wild March Madness tournament.


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