Insurance is a Risky Business by RLL

We know from experience that insurance is anything but boring—and now we’ve set out to prove that to the rest of the world. In our new Risky Business podcast, we’re talking risk, business (get it?), life, and motivation with thought leaders in the insurance space and beyond. In each episode,  hosted by our own Gary Miller, we ask our guests to share insights, perspectives, and lessons that are helpful whether or not you’re part of the insurance industry.

Take a look through some of the topics we cover in our first five episodes, then head to your preferred podcast provider to take a listen for yourself.

In Episode 1, Grady Marshall of Sequoia Risk Partners, a sought-after expert in captive management, shares his thoughts on the rise in popularity of captives, downfalls to avoid, and powerful inspiration he learned from coaching great Urban Meyer.

In Episode 2, Brenda Austenfeld of RT Specialty discusses strategies to adapt and thrive during challenging times, the power of enthusiasm in motivating teams, and her thoughts on the road ahead for property casualty in 2021 and beyond.

In Episode 3, Todd Smith of Moreton and Company discusses the power of networking and why it’s still key for unlocking success, how failing inspires real growth, and the challenges facing the risk management industry.

In Episode 4, sales expert Jordan Stupar shares how he went from a struggling door-to-door salesperson to a top 1% income earner, tips for selling in a pandemic, and how creativity and humor are his secret weapons for closing with C-Suite execs.

In Episode 5, Adam Faust of 5+8 shares his tips for storytelling on social media and how to transfer your company values from off the paper into real life so your audience can get to know, like, and trust you in a way that leads to improved business performance.

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