Win Win Win

Working with RLL? It’s a win win win.

Grease on Fire

Grease fires are quick and damaging. RLL® protects properties when residents cause accidents. Let us help you in rethinking risk.

The 5 Perils

If you want to understand how RLL® has you covered, this video is a great place to start.

Tips for First-Time Multifamily Real-Estate Investors

New year, new investments? First time multifamily investors have a lot to keep in mind! Luckily Theresa Bradley-Banta put together these 5 simple reminders. These tips, along with a PDLW through RLL will ensure you’re taking care of business!

Beware of the top 10 fair housing mistakes

When it comes to Fair Housing laws, it’s definitely best to learn from other’s mistakes. Lucas Hall at Landlordology has an excellent resource on the Top 10 Fair Housing mistakes. Make sure you are familiar with state and fair housing laws.

10 Best Practices for Listing Your Properties

The devil is truly in the details when it comes to listing property. Luckily Rachel Jefferson at Appfolio has got you covered with these 10 helpful tips!

How to Reduce Tenant Turnover

Reducing tenant turnover means decreasing your operating costs, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Check out these 12 helpful ideas from VerticalRent to reduce turnover.

10 summer home and maintenance tips

Avoid costly summertime home insurance claims with these fantastic tips from Heather Turner at Property Casualty 360.

The benefits (and risks) of renting to college students

Learn what the risks and benefits are when considering location for student housing investments in this insightful article by Stephanie Vernon.

Tips for new commercial property owners

People new to commercial property ownership should read these excellent tips from Forbes Real Estate Council.

4 tips for tapping into student housing

Make sure to read these essential tips by Andrew Syrios from .. before breaking into lucrative student housing real estate investment.

What residents really expect from Multifamily communities

Understanding a resident’s expectations can help a community thrive. Check out this excellent write up by…

Networking Tips to Make Powerful Connections

Connections are powerful tools in any industry. Check out this helpful article by Anna Heiserman from Transwestern for more great tips.

Grilling Tips for Apartment Residents

It’s still grilling season for a lot of southern states with extended warm months. Providing resources like this helpful article with tips for apartment residents by Bec Couche at TastingTable is a good move.

Helpful Tech and Tips for Multifamily Living

Millennials and older Gen-Z seek apartments that are up to date with the latest tech that will make their lives easier.

Pros and cons of Investing in Senior Housing

A wave of Baby Boomers across the country is preparing to retire. Check out these pros and cons before investing in senior living…

Tips For Selling A Multi-Family Home

Why is selling a multifamily different from other real estate, and what can be done to ensure a smooth and successful sale?

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Small Apartment Property

Learn how small multifamily property owners can make the most of a cash-out refinance in this excellent article.

Characteristics of Standout Living Designs

What makes a senior living community stand out from the competition? Check out these communities from Senior Housing News.

Risks of Long Term Renters

Keeping turnover low is important, but what about the pitfalls the come along with long term tenants?

Common Reasons Renters Move Out

Renter’s move out for all kinds of reasons, but the folks at The Balance Small Business have put together this top 10 list with suggestions for how to mitigate the turnover.

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