The Safest Gift Guide Ever

The holidays: time for eating, drinking, being merry…and dealing with a few unfortunate mishaps. Well, not this year! Welcome to the first edition of the RLL Gift Guide to give you—and your loved one—peace of mind. Stock up on these items and you’ll have the safest holiday yet.


The Ultimate Grease Trapper

All it takes is one well-meaning guest pouring bacon grease down the drain. Now your pipes are clogged, and you’ve still got a whole meal’s worth of dishes that need to be cleaned. Enter: The grease trapper. These recycled paper cups absorb cooking fat, oil, and grease for easier and safer disposal. (Read: Not in your sink.) Just pour the grease in, toss the cup in the trash, and avoid an expensive plumbing housecall. Buy here →


Flat Iron with Auto Shutoff

Have a recurring nightmare that you’ve left your flat iron on? Picture coming home to a scorched or melted countertop—or worse, a fire? Flat irons can get to incredibly high temperatures and are definite fire hazards when left unattended. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix: Swap out your flat iron for one with an auto shutoff feature. You’ll never again have to turn around and head home to turn off your flat iron when you’re already halfway to the office. Buy here


Cooking Range Fire Prevention System

After one too many eggnogs, you fall asleep on the couch, leaving the stove unattended. Never fear: The Williams-Pyro Stovetop FireStop has your back. These magnetic canisters attach to the underside of your range hood, and they release a powder extinguisher automatically when flames make contact with the canister. (While we’re at it, you should always put out a grease fire with baking soda or a pot lid—never water). Buy here


A New Fire Extinguisher

You’re pretty sure your parents have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, but do they actually? And do you want to risk it, knowing that your brother plans on wowing the family by making bananas foster? Give the gift that says “I don’t want you to burn our house down making an old-timey dessert.”  Buy here

We know that the Safest Gift Guide is not exactly the best way to excite your audience. However, when you’ve seen what we’ve seen, we think safety is pretty sensational. Stay safe out there and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at RLL!


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