Triple Threat

The past year has been an unprecedented one, and for me, not just because of this little global pandemic we’ve all been living through.  Sure, that alone would warrant anyone the claim that 2020 was a truly unique experience; however, I thought I would add two more ingredients to the already tumultuous concoction of trepidation that 2020 was cooking up.  To make the year a true triple threat, I had just moved away from home for the first time, and I was moving in with my girlfriend.  Unfamiliar living situation?  Check.  Brand new house mate?  Check.  Quarantine causing pandemic?  Check, check, check.

In my line of work, we are in the business of rethinking risk; we want to reduce it as much as possible.  My aforementioned situation would be akin to locking a toddler in a bathroom with the faucet running and a dozen or so candles burning on the floor (a scenario we suggest our clients tell their residents to actively avoid).  My situation reminded me a lot of what we do at RLL.  We help our clients reduce the risk that residents can introduce.  There are things in life that we just can’t control.  I couldn’t have predicted I would put myself in the already stressful situation of moving away from home and living for the first time with a partner, while at the same time dealing with a global pandemic.  A property owner can’t predict if a resident will cause a bathtub to overflow or a stove to catch fire.  There are some things, however, that we can control.

I surround myself with family that I love who are supportive of me and would do anything for me.  I chose a partner who understands my quirks, anxieties, neurosis, and pet peeves and how to help me navigate through difficult times.  Even though the risks were there, and they always will be, I had in place ways to mitigate those risks.  I was reminded of our clients and how they, too, can gain back a sense of control by having us in their corner and by allowing us to be their support system.  Just like my family and friends are there for me, we are there for our clients so that they don’t have to fear going through difficult situations alone.  There will always be risks, but by having a strong support system in place, you can always get through the tough times.


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