I’m expecting the Queen of England by Alexis Bowles

If you’re like me, you can’t seem to stop yourself from compulsively cleaning every inch of your house since the pandemic struck. Although I can’t imagine actually inviting someone over to appreciate its sparkling cleanliness, I continue to clean all the nooks and cranny’s as though I’m expecting the Queen of England herself at any moment. Over the last months, I’ve even developed a newfound love for cleaning products and have discovered numerous and varied options! But how is it possible that this world just now became more existent to me? The pandemic became a spectacle for new finds. Just as I ponder my new cleaning habit, I wonder what else I have missed?

As a long-time renter and full-time pandemic homebody, I started becoming more aware of my everyday items. What once was a dusty old gameboard became a sigh of relief to boredom. Needless to say, it’s all about the details now in this new reality of ours. A reality in which we find ourselves spending much more time at home than ever before. If we face and accept this reality all that’s left to do is properly equip ourselves in the face of it, no? If dusting off our proverbial gameboards, in this day and age, can manifest in the form of collecting mass assortments of cleaning supplies, then the proverbial equivalent of deep cleaning must then manifest in the form of protecting the assets we’ve spent so much time curating and maintaining over the last year.

I have been with Renters Legal Liability for over a year and have learned the importance of protecting my assets and understanding risk management. Although my perspective comes from the renter’s view, I have become more empathetic to the owner’s asset. As the mandate to stay home has continued to be the norm around the country, I find myself making sure that the home I rent is protected while I am quarantined in it.  If we really are trying to protect ourselves, both as property owners as well as residents, then we must explore the risk management tools and solutions that are available to us. Eliminating your risk and protecting your assets can be just as easy as curating a well-stocked cleaning supply cabinet in your home. Everyone deserves a variety in their options and peace of mind for their assets. Just as they do in their cleaning supply product selection. Trust me.


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