My parents have always been my greatest teachers. They stressed the importance of education and investing in ourselves and future. My parents are Greek immigrants and lived the TRUE American dream. Working 40+ hours a week and raising 5 kids, all moves they ever made were to make things better for me and my siblings. Fast forward, to a bold and “independent” 23-year-old Vivi, I was ready to make my own big moves! My first move: move out.

If you know anything about “growing up Greek,” you know that you don’t move out. Remember that part in the EPIC 2002 film: My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the main character’s father looks at her, with tears in his eyes and says, “Why you want to leave me?” A line has never been so true, but it was my time. I was an adult, and I was going to start doing things on my own. As I stood my ground to move out, my mom stood her ground and said, “you will not rent.” I became a homeowner that year and moved out. I felt a lot of pressure getting into that position so quickly, but today, at 31 (25 at heart), I am grateful for the opportunity.

Things were looking up and then 2020 hit. What a chaotic year, especially for owners. The pandemic created an unknown on whether we would receive rent or what would happen with residents being home 24/7. The unknown was scary, but this unfortunate year allowed me to connect, on a more personal level, with our Management Companies and Owners. There was an uncertainty of WHAT could happen but being a part of the RLL® team for 8 years has given me the opportunity to see how important it is to make smart decisions when dealing with your assets. The owner’s policy that RLL® provides is additional peace of mind. The future may hold more craziness, but resident accidents should not be one of them.

My life changed at 23 but changed even greater this last year. As we all continue to deal with our new norm, I continue to think about my investments and how to ensure I am making the best decisions for them. Risk is inevitable, but with the right plan, you can avoid that risk. It’s time we all be that bold 23-year-old and make some BIG moves.

June 14, 2021

With RLL® You Can Rest Insured.