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Your multifamily property clients are at risk. It’s going to happen. An uninsured resident will cause a fire, a flood, or otherwise damage their property. But you can help them protect themselves, and get compensated for your referral. In the business we call that a win/win.

RLL® can act as gap coverage that protects the owner from making countless claims against their P&C policy or paying deductibles to repair and replace damage to their units. The Waiver by RLL® will pay for the first $100,000 in damage ($200,000 & $300,000 limits also available) thus limiting claims on an owners P&C policy keeping renewal and premium increases on the P&C policy to a minimum.

Learn How RLL® Helps Insurance Professionals

We’ve been providing insurance protection for property owners for over 15 years. We help our clients minimize their risk and maximize their profits and net operating income (NOI). But enough with the acronyms.

We can save your P&C clients millions of dollars in damages, deductibles and premiums while paying you a monthly commission. That’s a good thing for everyone.


The Waiver by RLL® is a rental insurance waiver that sits in front of a traditional property insurance policy that covers accidental, resident-caused, damage. The property owner is the insured and is paid through the community’s rental fees.

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Benefits for Insurance Professionals

Ongoing commissions paid monthly on all participating units

No back-office support is required. RLL® handles all billing, claims, and renewal.

Claims are filed by your property owner client because the property owner is the named insured, not the resident. All claims are handled in-house by RLL® not outsourced.

A+ AM Best rated carrier.

Licensed to do business in all 50 states.

With RLL® You Can Rest Insured.