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Building An Agency From Scratch and Insurance Nerdery With Mark Logsdon

In this episode, we’re speaking with Rose Mark Risk founder Mark Logson about collaboration and telling a better story about risk and insurance.

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Learn about our core product, The Waiver, and how it helps both property owners / managers and insurance agents and their clients.

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More in-depth writing about our products and how we can help property owners and insurance agents protect multifamily investments.

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Interested in learning about the tools of the trade, best practices, and more?  Check out our video library of helpful content and tips.

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Why Insurance Ratings Matter

Navigate the turbulent waters of the insurance industry with insights from RLL® President Chet Goodwin.

Uncover the significance of AM Best Ratings and their role in assessing the financial health of insurance companies.

Learn how AM Best Ratings empower consumers, guide investments, and influence regulatory decisions.

Discover peace of mind with RLL®, backed by an A+ rating, ensuring prompt claims payment and a legacy of trust.

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