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From Military Leadership To Multifamily Success With Howard (Bud) Evans

This time, we’re joined by Howard (Bud Evans) from Aim High Properties and Evans Consulting.

Bud shares some real gold with us today about moving from military service to entrepreneurship and the secrets he’s learned on how to break into and succeed big in multifamily real estate. He also shares the importance of winning psychology in achieving peak results.

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Main website – https://www.budevans.com/

On LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/howard-evans-mba/

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PooPrints Kurtis Gilbreth – Smart Science Meets Smart Multifamily

Today we’re joined by Kurtis Gilbreth from PooPrints.

Kurtis is Multifamily Supplier. Multifamily Problem Solver and top sales leader and producer. Kurtis shares with us how he and his team at PooPrints are changing pet owner accountability in the Multifamily Industry and doing it with a mix of intelligent business and innovative science.

Connect with Kurtis and his team here.

Connect with Kurtis on LinkedIn here. 

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