It’s going to happen. An uninsured resident is going to cause a fire, a flood, or otherwise damage their dwelling and you’re going to have to pay for it. It happens every day. Over time, it could cost you millions. That’s where we come in, before it happens.
Learn How RLL® Helps Property Owners

RLL® has been providing protection for property owners for over 15 years. We help our clients minimize their risk and maximize their profits and net operating income (NOI). But enough with the acronyms.

We can save you millions of dollars. It means you can provide a better housing product for your residents while providing you peace of mind. That’s a good thing for everyone.


The Waiver by RLL® waives the residents obligation to purchase renters insurance and is the owners promise to waive claims against the resident from negligent acts arising from the 5 perils of Fire, Smoke, Explosion, Water Discharge and Sewer Backup. The waiver sits in front of a traditional property insurance policy that covers accidental, resident-caused, damage. The property owner is the named insured which allows the owner to track which units are protected and control their risk. Many communities treat the waiver as an amenity and pass the costs to the resident.

The Waiver Details

The RLL® App is now available to download

Benefits for Property Owners

No cost to the owner/manager for the RLL® program software, risk management tools or training materials. RLL®’s training team will oversee and facilitate training for all your communities. 

Claims are filed by the property owner because the property owner is the named insured, not the resident. Claims can be filed using the RLL® app, on the RLL® website, or by simply calling our in-house claims department.

The Waiver is less expensive than purchasing renters insurance. No background or credit checks and no insurance to renew or cancel.

With RLL® You Can Rest Insured.