The Elephant In The Room

Resident Caused Property Damage

As a property owner or manager, you face immense risk from resident-caused property damage. Without the right kinds of insurance in place, you could pay a lot of money out of pocket to repair damage from fires, floods, and more. This leads to higher insurance premiums and reduced profits over time.

But there is a solution – resident property damage liability programs.

The Solution

These programs, like the Waiver by RLL®, waive the resident’s obligation to carry renters insurance.

Instead, the waiver covers critical perils like fire, smoke, explosions, water discharge, and sewer backups. The owner becomes the named insured, letting you track protected units and control risks. Many communities treat the waiver as an amenity and pass along costs to residents.

The bottom line?

This approach transfers risk away from you as the owner. Without it, you operate in the danger zone. Any uninsured resident could cause a significant loss and leave you footing the bill. But property damage liability solutions stop the bleeding before it starts.

The RLL Difference

We’ve protected assets like this for over 15 years to clients nationwide. Our programs minimize risks and maximize profits and net operating income (NOI). Yes, we just used an acronym – but we’re really about simplifying your business and giving you peace of mind.

You can save in potential losses with the right property damage liability program. That means more resources to invest in your properties, offer improved amenities and keep residents happy. It’s a winning situation for everyone involved.

Only operate blindly with a safety net. The risks are real; resident-caused damage can strike when you least expect it. We can help you put a proactive plan in place and avoid financial catastrophe.

Resident Caused Property Damage

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Resident Caused Property Damage
July 25th, 2023

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