The holidays: time for eating, drinking, being merry…and dealing with a few unfortunate mishaps. Well, not this year! Welcome to the 2021 edition of the RLL® Gift Guide to give you—and your loved one—peace of mind. Stock up on these items and you’ll have the safest holiday yet.

Pan Fire Extinguisher Sachet

It’s a nice night. You’re cooking, you’re enjoying yourself, you’re lost in the motions. Suddenly, the oil in your frying pan gets too hot and catches fire. Don’t fret! With the Pan Fire Extinguisher Sachet, all you have to do is turn off the heat and throw the unopened packet into the pan. The flames will burst the bag open, dispersing fluids into the fire and extinguishing it for good. Buy here →

Fire Extinguisher Ball


It’s happened to all of us: you leave the house for the day and you can’t escape that nagging question: did you leave the oven on? With the Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball, you can rest easy knowing that your house is protected by a self-activated devices that works quickly to douse any nearby flames. Perfect for areas with damaged or exposed electrical wires. Buy here 

Mini Firefighter Fire Extinguisher Foam


You already have a fire extinguisher in your home and it’s in the safest, most ideal spot. But what do you do if you’re camping and a fire breaks out or your car catches fire when you’re out driving? That’s why you need the Mini Firefighter Fire Extinguishing Foam. Just shake, point and spray this at the flames to put them out for good, with an easy-to-clean gel that cools down surfaces to prevent reignition. Capable of tackling Class A, B, C and K fires! Buy here

Anti-Clog Sink Strainer

Big meals are a staple for the holidays and you know all of those dishes aren’t going to be spotless by the time they hit the sink. Avoid clogging your sink wit the Dripsie Anti-Clog Sink Strainer! Dripsie’s one-of-a-kind design uses holes and double-wall side vents to keep liquid flowing down the drain while still collecting food waste. Buy here 

Bacon Bin Silicone Grease Container

If you’re a fan of cooking bacon, then you know the grease can be a great thing to hold on to for future recipes. With this grease container, you can keep that delicious grease to flavor your next meal or just to store it in your freezer for proper disposal – just don’t pour it down the drain! Buy here 

TubShroom Drain Hair Catcher

No one likes taking a shower in standing water. Do your part to make sure your tub is draining properly by taking the initiative and installing the TubShroom Drain Hair Catcher. This easy to install device has a design that catches stray hairs on their way down to drain. Just pull it out of the drain once a week to empty and clean it to make sure your tub is draining properly and quickly. Buy here 


We know that the Safest Gift Guide is not exactly the best way to excite your audience. However, when you’ve seen what we’ve seen, we think safety is pretty sensational. Stay safe out there and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at RLL®!

Safest Gift Guid
November 19, 2021

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