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From Scalpels to Sold Signs: A Surgeon’s Journey into Real Estate

In this episode of “The Risky Business Podcast,” we’re jumping in with Kevin Lowe, a seasoned cancer surgeon turned real estate investor.

Building A New Agency From Scratch and Insurance Nerdery With Mark Logsdon

Building An Agency From Scratch and Insurance Nerdery With Mark Logsdon

In this episode, we’re speaking with Rose Mark Risk founder Mark Logson about collaboration and telling a better story about risk and insurance.

Expert Insights: Multifamily Insurance Success With Reagan Jager and Jim Ellis from USI

In this episode, we’re joined by Reagan Jager, CRM, CISR, CPIA, and Jim Ellis CAS from USI.

They are experts in the property and casualty insurance industry, specifically in the multifamily sector. In this episode, they discuss the unique challenges that multifamily properties present and how they approach risk assessment for their clients.

Reagan and Jim also talk about the significant trends and changes in the property and casualty insurance industry, as well as some of the misconceptions people have about multifamily insurance. 

In addition to their expertise in insurance, Reagan and Jim discuss their involvement in industry advocacy, the importance of workplace culture, giving back to the community, and so much more.

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Howard (Bud) Evans

From Military Leadership To Multifamily Success With Howard (Bud) Evans

This time, we’re joined by Howard (Bud Evans) from Aim High Properties and Evans Consulting.

Bud shares some real gold with us today about moving from military service to entrepreneurship and the secrets he’s learned on how to break into and succeed big in multifamily real estate. He also shares the importance of winning psychology in achieving peak results.

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The Making Friends Approach Of Networking With Multifamily Insurance Star Stuart Berryhill

Stuart shares his wisdom for navigating hard markets, why businesses need to fight for feedback and not just stars, his mission to help the world be more financially literate, and why 90’s rock is the best for playing drums along with.

Smart Science Meets Smart Multifamily With Kurtis Gilbreth

Kurtis is Multifamily Supplier. Multifamily Problem Solver and top sales leader and producer. Kurtis shares with us how he and his team are changing pet owner accountability in the Multifamily Industry and doing it with a mix of smart business and smart science.

Driving Business with Humility and Giving Back with Kyle Schielack and Braden Griffith

In this episode, we’re joined by Kyle Schielack and Braden Griffith From Higginbotham.We discussed insurance lessons from the last couple of years including how their team kept their business moving during COVID, responding to the Texas Winter Storm of 2021, and the challenges facing the coastal insurance marketplace.

Building An Insurance Career That Lasts with Carlos Miranda

Today we’re joined by Carlos Miranda. Carlos is a 20 year veteran with State Farm. He’s a Chartered Financial Consultant as well as Chartered Life Underwriter. He’s created a culture inside of his agency that is built on personal relationships and connections.

Getting Better Things Done With Mike Vardy

Today we’re joined by Productivity expert Mike Vardy. Mike is the founder of Productivityist, a company built with the quest to help you define your day, filter your focus, and make every moment matter.

Telling Better Brand Stories With Adam Faust

In this episode, Adam shares how insurance agencies, property management groups, and brands can break through the noise online and stand out by owning who you are. He shares his best tips on storytelling on social media and how to transfer your company values from off the paper, into real life so your audience can get to know, like, and trust you in a way that leads to real business.

Creative Digital Selling With Jordan Stupar

Today we’re talking to sales expert Jordan Stupar. Jordan is the founder of one of the fastest-growing sales development and training companies in the US. Jordan is known as the go-to expert when it comes to modern selling.

Falling Failing and Learning With Todd Smith From Moreton & Company

In this episode Todd shares lessons from his 26-year journey in the risk management space.

Collaboration, Enthusiasm, and the Future Of Property and Casualty With Brenda Austenfeld

Today we’re joined by Brenda Austenfeld from RT Specialty. Brenda is the President National Property Practice Managing Director at RT Specialty. Brenda brings over 30 years of experience and wisdom in the risk management arena. In our conversation, we discuss how RT Speciality leveraged its vibrant culture to adapt and thrive during the challenging year of the pandemic.

Gridiron Lessons for Success and Captive Insurance with Grady Marshall

Today we’re honored to be joined by Grady Marshall of Sequoia Risk Partners. Grady has over a decade of experience in commercial insurance, real estate, and alternative risk. Grady is a sought-after expert in Captive Management.

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